New Release – 2018 San Francisco Food Security Assessment

Get the Full Report Here.

From the San Francisco Food Security Task Force:

For the 2018 report, the SF Food Security Task Force examined data from federal, state and locally funded food programs in order to develop recommendations for policies and systems to support gaps in San Francisco’s food needs. This data integration exposes health disparities to be addressed in all programs serving communities in need.

The 2018 Assessment serves as a five-year update to the landmark 2013 Food Security Assessment Report. Important gains since 2013 include continued budget investments and critical new policies; expanded funding for food programs for seniors and people with disabilities; vouchers and incentives offering additional financial resources to purchase fruits and vegetables; partnerships delivering free groceries to the homes of seniors and adults with disabilities; the launch of a new collaborative to support the health and nutrition of people living in SROs; and sponsors of nutrition programs for children and youth expanding the number of “out of school” meal and pantry programs.

While important progress has been made in the food security network, the 2018 Assessment cites concerning declines for our most vulnerable residents. One in four remain at risk of food insecurity. As the population of San Francisco has grown, the number of San Franciscans at high risk for food insecurity due to low income has also increased. We explore some of the economic conditions that contributed to food insecurity intensifying.

This announcement is the first of many efforts to raise awareness about the state of hunger in San Francisco and the 2018 Food Security Assessment. Next year the Food Security Task Force will continue to amplify its progress toward achieving our collective goal: a food secure San Francisco.

The Food Security Task Force believes that a healthy food system in San Francisco is possible for everyone, and asks you to join us to make this a reality.

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