Covid-19 Updates at the Alemany Farmers Market

We received a lot of inquiries about how Alemany was operating during the shelter in place order (SIP) and so we wanted to share details. We visited the market on May 2, 2020. While the traditional farmers market experience of taste testing, hand selection of produce, and sitting to eat a meal are not currentlyContinue reading “Covid-19 Updates at the Alemany Farmers Market”

Market Match at San Francisco’s Alemany Farmers’ Market

A Better Course is the proud recipient of a Food Insecurity Nutrition Incentive program grant, known as Market Match in California, for 2018-19. The program operates at the Alemany Farmers’ Market, which opened in 1943 and was California’s first farmers’ market. The 2018/19 Market Match incentive program is expected to be offered starting February 2019.