Covid-19 Pandemic

Collaboration is critical during this unprecedented time. Please contact us to find out how we can support your community during this time.

Ensuring Access To Quality Nutrition During Covid-19

During this unprecedented time, access to healthy food has become even more challenging for low-income families, and for others, are finding themselves in need for the first time. Across the nation, there has been a significant increase in food insecurity. Here is some of our latest work on Covid-19:

Schools: Lunch In The Classroom Quickie Guide

A Better Course has developed a turn-key Lunch In The Classroom Quickie Guide for Schools. This guide is intended for Principals and classroom staff on how to serve (and clean up) lunch in the classroom. While each district’s meal operations are unique, there are certain consistencies, including tools teachers use for classroom management and tools to implement programs in the classroom. 

In an ideal situation, students would enjoy lunch in the cafeteria or outside space. However, this option is not feasible for many schools. Meals in the classroom requires a team effort, involving not only the teacher, but also students, custodians, and of course, the Nutrition Service teams. 

Please contact us directly at if you are interested in the Lunch In The Classroom Quickie Guide.

Farmers’ Markets: Home Delivery of WIC Produce Boxes

We are proud to be a partner in a new, innovative program being piloted in San Francisco. 1,500 low-income San Francisco families who are enrolled in the Federal Woman, Infant, & Children (WIC) Supplemental Nutrition Program are receiving a home delivery of a free, robust, mainly organic produce box. Through the leadership of the SF Department of Public Health’s Nutrition Services department, this project brought together several partners, including A Better Course, Alemany Farmers Market, Heart of the City,, and Farmacy CSA. Starting in June, every Saturday for ten weeks, 150 families receive a delivery of a large product box sourced from local farmers. The funding for the produce box is being provided from two sources: the WIC program’s seasonal farmers’ market coupons and the San Francisco Healthy Food Purchasing Supplements Grant.

Read the latest about our other work with the Alemany Farmers’ Market’s Healthy Incentive Programs. 

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