Improving School Meals

At A Better Course, we pick issues to work on where we know we can make a difference, and, sometimes, where no one else is looking. Our “Flunking Lunch” report focused on problems of social justice, accounting and technology that were discouraging low-income students from eating school meals and taking money from federal funds provided for those meals. A Better Course also collaborated with the San Francisco Unified School District Food and Fitness Committee to develop a new, seminal Wellness Policy for school nutrition and physical activity.

Flunking Lunch Report

Unbeknownst to many, schools often have two lunch lines; in one, mostly low-income students stand to receive a free lunch as part of the National School Lunch Program, in the other their peers purchase more appealing “competitive food”, effectively segregating students by income. Some schools also require low-­income students to use an electronic payment method at the cash register while their peers pay in cash. This means low ­income students are easily identified, and often stigmatized, leading many to skip lunch altogether. Read more . . . 

Read Our Flunking Lunch Report


San Francisco Unified School District’s Wellness Policy

Starting in 2003, A Better Course (formerly Campaign for Better Nutrition) worked with a very small, dedicated group of activists and administrators to develop what was then one of the most comprehensive wellness policies in the nation. Read more . . . 
SFUSD Wellness Policy Press Release, 2015