Healthy Food Incentives at SF’s Alemany Farmers’ Market

MM-LOGOEating healthier is easier when you have access to fresh, affordable choices. Check out the I got it at the farmers’ market video to see the program in action.

A Better Course is again the proud recipient of a Food Insecurity Nutrition Incentive program grant, known as Market Match in California, for 2018-19. The program operates at the Alemany Farmers’ Market, which opened in 1943 and was California’s first farmers’ market. The 2018/19 Market Match incentive program is expected to be offered starting February 2019. 

What is Market Match?

The Market Match program provides a monetary incentive to customers who spend their CalFresh EBT card benefits (formerly food stamps) at the farmers’ market. This healthy food incentive program was designed to make fresh fruits and vegetables more affordable for shoppers who use CalFresh. Customers receive additional funds, a dollar for dollar match, to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables.

Further, the funds support local farmers and stimulate the local economy.

A Better Course has been a SNAP (CalFresh EBT) healthy food incentive program partner since 2010 and has worked in partnership with San Francisco’s Department of Human Services, Department of Public Health, and Department of Real Estate. California’s program is now led by the Ecology Center and the Market Match Consortium and offered at 290 sites across California.

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