San Francisco Unified School District’s Wellness Policy

Starting in 2003, A Better Course (formerly Campaign for Better Nutrition) worked with a very small, dedicated group of activists and administrators to develop what was then one of the most comprehensive wellness policies in the nation. The Wellness Policy, adopted in 2015, provides a framework to help school administrators promote student health and wellness. Highlights of the updated policy included:

  • A reiteration of the existing policy that no student shall be denied a school meal because of an inability to pay.
  • Withholding recess is not an option for dealing with behavioral issues.
  • Sugar-sweetened beverages will not be sold or served to SFUSD students, staff or families at any time on any district property.
  • Schools will promote healthy food and beverage choices for all students throughout the school campus.
  • All vending machines on district property, including schools and central offices, shall adhere to SFUSD’s nutrition guidelines. Adult vending machines may contain unsweetened coffee or tea beverages.

SFUSD Wellness Policy Press Release, 2015 

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